Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia have a lot of potential and opportunities for investors. A G20 economy with a young, highly educated population of more than 30 million, it also occupies a truly exceptional geographical location in the world when it comes to logistic services and international trades. It sits between three continents – Europe, Africa, and Asia. Moreover, Saudi Arabia’s economy is growing fast in multiple sectors, such as the manufacturing sector, logistics sector, tourism sector and technology sector, which will open new challenges that have high returns for all investors.

Innovation partnership services

Based on our proven role in building and developing innovation system environment and transferring technology in Saudi Arabia, we seek to create high-quality partnerships in which added-value is the basis for all parties. Through our leadership in innovation, we were able to build many global and local alliances and partnerships. To bond between who wants to enter the Saudi market from all around the world and local entities, we established many programs that provide innovative and effective solutions, such as the innovation expressway program, the soft-landing Program for Companies, and the Scale in Saudi market program , which will contribute to defining the business reality in the Kingdom and facilitate investment and enter the Saudi market.

Products and Services

Innovation Expressway

In the innovation partnership services, we offer many innovative solutions that help the government and private sectors with their existing challenges through the innovation tools such as design thinking, flexible development, customer exploration to ensure that initiatives meet the needs of the customer and the market as quickly as possible at the lowest cost to achieve objectives. The program consists of three main phases: Exploration, design, and implementation, and it will be implemented by the BIAC’s team in collaboration with specific industry subject matter experts.

BIAC Soft-Landing Program.

The program aims to facilitate the entry of small, medium, and pioneer companies into the Saudi market and attract innovative technologies and talents worldwide to achieve profitable outcomes for all parties. It will pave the way for companies to obtain a license from the Ministry of Investment and facilitate their companies' establishment in the Saudi market. The program will also provide a package of support services and other services in legal affairs, business development, infrastructure, and logistical support, based on our deep understanding of the local market and our extensive working relationships in this field.

Scale In KSA Market

This program is designed to allow international companies to explore the Saudi market and the rapid development that the Kingdom is witnessing in all its sectors. It will also include a detailed explanation of business reality in the Kingdom and provide several workshops on legal registration requirements, how to deal with local suppliers, the Saudi market trends, and its diversified investment opportunities. Moreover, it Will explains the Most notable cultural differences and social life in Saudi Arabia. The program will also include a visit to the most leading authorities and its promising entities in the Kingdom.

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